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Curriculum Vitae

Marshall W. Gregory
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Butler University; Indianapolis, IN 46208
Rank: Ice Professor of English, Liberal Education, and Pedagogy
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E-mail:  mgregory@butler.edu


Ph.D.—University of Chicago
M.A.—University of Chicago
B.A.—University of Indianapolis


1983 to present: Butler University, Department of English:
Ice Professor of English, Liberal Education, and Pedagogy, 2000
Endowed Chair (Harry Ice Professor of English), 1990
Department Head, 1989
Professor, 1988
Tenured, 1985
Associate Professor, 1983

1983 to 1986: National Director, Lilly Endowment Post-Doctoral Teaching Awards Program:
Director: Twice yearly conferences for Teaching Award Fellows
On-campus Mentor: Teaching Award Fellows
Participating institutions included such universities as: Brown University, Yale University, Syracuse University, Emory University, Indiana University, University of Georgia, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, University of Wisconsin.

1974 to 1983: University of Indianapolis, Department of English
Tenured, 1980
Coordinator of Liberal Arts, 1979
Associate Professor, 1976
Assistant Professor, 1974

1967 to 1974: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Department of English
Assistant Professor, 1970
Instructor (ABD), 1967



Consulting and Faculty Development

Faculty Pedagogy Seminars
"Idea of the University" Staff Seminars
Additional Consulting Activities


Keynote Speeches
Speeches and Workshops
Conference Presentations

Honors and Recognition

Fellowships, Grants, and Post-Graduate Study

2003-04:  “Faith & Vocation” Workshop at Butler University.

2001:  Robert Miller Prize for “the best essay published in CEA Critic in 2001”

1996:  Butler University Summer Fellowship

1996:  Butler Academic Grant, Spring Semester

1995:  Butler University Summer Fellowship

1995:  Robert Miller Prize for “the best essay published in CEA Critic in 1995”

1989: Lilly Endowment Grant ($50,000) for funding to support Butler University’s core-revision process, 1990-93.

1988:  Butler University Summer Fellowship

1988:  Butler University Faculty Fellowship, Spring Semester

1985:  Butler University Summer Fellowship

1984:  Indiana Humanities Council Fellowship

1980: Lilly Summer Workshop for the Liberal Arts, Colorado College

1980-81:  Lilly Endowment Faculty Open Fellowship: support for leave of absence to read philosophy, philosophy and history of science.

1978: Oxford University International Graduate School, Exeter College, (grant from English Speaking Union)

1979: School of Criticism and Theory (Univ. of California-Irvine)

1978: Oxford University International Graduate School (Exeter College)


2003: Executive Editor of the Journal of College Teaching

2002: “Visiting Professor of English, Liberal Education, and Pedagogy," Emory University

2001: Editorial reader for the Journal of Advanced Composition

2001: U. S. editor of Arts and Humanities Higher Education: An International Journal of Research, Theory, and Practice, Sage Publishers, U.K.

2000: Ice Professor of English, Liberal Education, and Pedagogy

1997: Editorial board of new journal, Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Literature, Language, and Composition. (Duke University Press)

1992: Executive Committee of ADE (Association of Departments of English

1990: Harry Ice Professor of English, Endowed Chair

1989: President of Association of General and Liberal Studies for 1990-91

1989: Conference organizer, annual meeting of Association of General and Liberal Studies

1988: Consulting Editor of Journal of College Teaching. (4th term, 1999-2003)

1987: Executive Council of AGLS (Association of General and Liberal Studies)

1983: President, Indiana Teachers of Writing

1981:  Editorial Board, Journal of Teaching Writing

1981:  Executive Board, Indiana Teachers of Writing

1980:  Planning Committee (with James Redfield, Stephen Goldblatt, Frank Newman, and others), Lilly Endowment, Indianapolis, IN

1979:  Executive Board, Indiana College English Association


1997: Indianapolis Literary Club, an independent literary club in continuous existence since 1877.

1988-91: Executive Board of the Indiana Humanities Council (three-year term). Reelected for second term, 1991.

1986: Review panel to evaluate and recommend changes in the Summer Fellowship Program for the Indiana Humanities Council.

1985:  Served on committee to review and evaluate the Resource Center of the Indiana Humanities Council.

Administrative Experience

Butler University, 1989-1994
Department Head (15 full-time and 10 part-time faculty)

Lilly Endowment, 1983-1986
National Director, Lilly Post-Doctoral Teaching Awards Program.
Reviewed proposals and administered grants awarded to research institutions for faculty development of assistant professors; visited each school every academic year; evaluated the programs; advised Fellows; organized two Fellows’ pedagogy conferences each year.

University of Indianapolis, 1974-1983
Coordinator of Liberal Arts (1980-83).
Chief administrator of “Concepts of the Liberal Arts,” a required Core course of my own conception and design; created an extensive study guide for the program; trained the staff; organized the sections; taught in the program.


Undergraduate/Graduate Courses

Freshman Courses
Introduction to the Discipline
Freshman Humanities Seminar
English Composition
English Composition/Introduction to Literature
Freshman English Honors
Concepts of the Liberal Arts

Survey Courses:
English Literature, Beowulf to Blake
English Literature, Blake to the present

Western World Literature, Homer through Milton
Western World Literature, Moliere to the present
English and American poetry
Victorian Literature

Criticism and Theory Courses:
History of Literary Criticism
Criticism and the Novel

Genre and Major Figures Courses
Jane Austen
Nineteenth-Century British Novel
Victorian Prose (non-fiction)
Romantic and Victorian Poetry
Tennyson, Browning, Arnold
Short Story
Charles Dickens
Major Victorian Narratives

Honors Courses
Plato’s Republic
The Idea of the University (team taught with Butler president, Geoffrey Bannister)

History of the English Language

Literature and Film Courses
Nineteenth-Century British Novel and Film
Shakespeare and Film
Short Story and Film

Graduate Courses
Modern American Novel
Romanticism in Literature

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