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Gregory makes his contributions as a consultant on a wide variety of educational fronts. From seminars to teaching critiques, he has worked with humanities councils, the National Endowment for the Humanities, businesses, the Lilly Endowment, and individual institutions to help others achieve their educational goals. Click below for more information.

Faculty Pedagogy Seminars
Faculty members enjoy the opportunity in Gregory's teaching seminar to transform their fleeting teaching intuitions into fully developed ideas, to exchange stories and ideas about teaching with faculty from a wide variety of disciplines, and to receive intellectual stimulation about teaching that freshens and enlivens their own teaching practice.

"Idea of the University" Staff Seminars
Professional staff from all corners of the university—libraries, alumni relations, fund raising, human resources, recruiting, student activities, finance and business, and so on—enjoy the opportunity in his staff seminar to discover how their jobs fit inside the university’s larger educational aims, and how they, no less than the facutly, perform important teaching functions that help establish the character of the entire institution.

Consulting Activities
Gregory's consulting experiences include the following:

  • Consultant to NEH
  • Outside reviewer of English departments
  • Consultant to the Lilly Endowment
  • Consultant for liberal arts core programs
  • Teaching critiques for individual faculty
  • Career adviser and mentor to young faculty
  • Career and job adviser to Ph.D. candidates preparing to enter the job market
  • Manuscript adviser to faculty seeking publication
  • Consultant to state humanities organizations
  • Consultant to writing faculty.

Keynote Speeches
Gregory has given keynote talks at conferences, liberal arts colleges, research institutions. In the non-academic community he has addressed humanities councils, businesses, libraries, and literary clubs.

My Philosophy of Consulting:

Media and movies consistently depict consultants as out-of-town gun slingers who ride into town like thunder and earn huge checks for solving everyone’s problems by dinner time. Peons whisper, “Who was that masked man?” A good consultant, however, is not about himself and not about bullet-fast answers. He’s about helping people do what they want to do, and he does it by observing the following five principles.

  • Respecting the experience and knowledge of the people who bring him in to give advice and assistance
  • Bringing a fresh, “outside” angle of vision that often helps people who feel stuck, frustrated, or stale see new possibilities
  • Integrating his outside expertise with inside talents and resources
  • Recognizing that other people’s best solutions are those that they invent on their own
  • Understanding that his best contribution to people finding their own solutions is almost always the orchestration of a new but indigenous conversation, not the importation of a sexy but shallow “outside” solution

As I work with different groups and individuals, these principles are my touchstones.

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