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Conference Presentations


December 2006
"The Unbroken Continuum: Booth/Gregory on Teaching and Ethical
Criticism." Annual MLA Convention, Philadelphia, PN.

November 2004
“Pedagogy and Liberal Education.” Annual NCTE Convention.  Session Organizer. Session title, “Giving Teaching Its Due.” Indianapolis, IN.

April 2004
“Turning Water Into Wine:  Making ‘Old Texts’ Meaningful to the Audience of Friends.”  Annual convention of ACTC (Association for Core Texts and Courses). Dallas, TX.

October 2002
“Accommodationist Discourse and Liberal Education,” AAC&U Conference, Indianapolis, IN

September 2001
“Pedagogy and the Christian Law of Love,” Conference on Pedagogy and Christianity. Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI.

December, 1998
“‘Teaching Out’ to Scott and Jennifer, Who Deserve a Field Trip to Darien Right in the Middle of a Literature Class.”  MLA Convention, San Francisco; panel organizer.

May, 1998
“Literature, History, and Ethics.”  International Association of Philosophy and Literature, U. of California-Irvine, Irvine, CA.

May, 1997
“Foucault, Literature, ‘Human Constructedness’ and the Ethics of Essentializing.”  International Association of Philosophy and Literature, Mobile, AL.

December, 1996
“Traditional Humanities and ‘Constructed’ Humanity:  The Politics of Difference and the Ethics of Essentializing.” MLA Convention, Washington, D. C.

April, 1996
“The Behavioral Axis of the Narrative Transaction:  From Specific Narratives to Specific Behaviors." Annual Conference of the International Narrative Society, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

April, 1996
“Authors in Place and Time.” a series of four concurrent sessions (co-chaired by Elizabeth Turpin) at the annual CEA Conference, New Orleans.

December, 1995
“Does the Hydra Have a Central Brain?—Does Our Discipline Possess a Common Mission that Unites Departments of English?”  MLA Convention, Chicago.

December, 1995
“The Convention Interview:  Search Committees as Texts.” MLA pre-convention workshop for graduate students, Chicago.

April, 1995
“Readerly Assent and Ideological Appropriation: How Assent to Narratives Strengthens the Autonomy of Both the Reader and the Other,” Annual Conference of the International Narrative Society, University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

December, 1994
“How To Talk About Teaching in the MLA Interview,” MLA pre-convention workshop for graduate students, San Diego.

May, 1994
“Ethical Effects of Vicarious Experience in Historical and Literary Reading.” International Association of Philosophy and Literature, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

April, 1994
“Literature and Life: Fact and Fiction.” A series of four concurrent sessions organized by me at the annual CEA Conference, Orlando, Florida.

December, 1993
“A Theoretical Defense of Literary Study.” MLA, Toronto.”

December, 1993
“Rhetorical Considerations: Fiction as a Fact of Experience.” MLA, Toronto.

December, 1993

“Preparing for the Job Interview at Baccalaureate Institutions.” MLA pre-convention workshop for new Ph.D.s, MLA, Toronto.

June, 1993
“From Ph.D. Program to B.A. College, or, The Sometimes Hard Journey from Life in the Carrel to Life in the World.” ADE Summer Seminar, Bread Loaf Campus, Middlebury, VT.

May, 1989
“Ethical Criticism and Liberal Education.” International Association for Philosophy and Literature, Emory University, Atlanta.

December, 1987
“Ethical Criticism: Character Formation in the Literary Classroom.” MLA, San Francisco.

June, 1987
“The Ethical Criticism of Literature: Implications for Pedagogy and Liberal Education.” ADE (Association of Departments of English) Summer Seminar, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan.

March, 1987
“Language as a Social Act.” Four-C's (Conference of College Composition and Communication), Atlanta.

December, 1986
“The Professional's Professional:  Credentialism, Teaching, and Quality Control in Departments of English.” MLA Convention, New York.

October, 1986
“Liberal Arts Programs and Pedagogy:  Educating the ‘Polis’ is Never Simple, But It Helps to Know What You Want.” Association for General and Liberal Studies, Snowbird, Utah.

December, 1985
“Taking Literary Study Seriously:  The Search for a ‘New’ Ethical Apology.” MLA, Chicago.

December, 1983
“Literature and Ethos.” MLA, New York.

March, 1983
“A Critique of Mortimer Adler's Paideia Proposal.” American Association of Higher Education, Washington, D. C.

November, 1981
“Platonic Doctrines and Liberal Education, or, ‘The Soul Wants What It Wants.’“ Association for General and Liberal Studies, Rochester, NY.

October, 1981
“Composition Goals and Strategies, or, How To Do The In Thing Better.” Indiana Teachers of Writing, Indianapolis, Indiana.

October, 1981
“Rhetorical Theory and Literary Criticism:  Cross-currents and Collegiality.” Indiana College English Association, Anderson College, Anderson, IN.

April, 1980
“Ethical Criticism and the Power of Imagination.” College English Association, Dearborn, MI.

April, 1980
“Freshman Composition, Some Methodological Considerations.” Special session on composition, Indiana College English Association, Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN.

October, 1979
“Ethical Criticism:  Some Beginning Arguments.” Indiana College English Association, Taylor
University, Upland, IN.

October, 1978
“The Liberal Arts:  An Affirmation” Association for General and Liberal Studies, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.

April, 1978
Hard Times, an Aristotelian Analysis.” Midwest Lilly English Faculty Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

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