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Speeches and Workshops

October 2006: "Literature and Justice," College of Liberal Arts and
Sciences Symposium, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN.

November 2004: Scholarship banquet speech, “Learning: A Preparation for Nothing, A Preparation for Everything,” for the Theta Sorority, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

September 2004: Pedagogy workshop for graduate students in the Department of Philosophy at Emory University.

May 2002:  Liberal education workshop for faculty and professional staff, Oxford College of Emory University, Oxford, GA

May 2001:  “The Idea of the University” workshop for faculty and professional staff, Oxford College of Emory University, Oxford, GA

March, 2001:  “The Language of Literature, The Language of Life,” Indianapolis Literary Club, Indianapolis, IN.

January, 2000:  Speech to the Indianapolis chapter of American Inns of Court (a national attorneys’ organization), “Professional Ethics and Professional Ethos:  When is Doing the Right Thing for the Job the Wrong Thing for the Person?"

October, 1999:  Served on a panel at Indiana University - Bloomington; panelists gave presentations to graduate students who were preparing to go on the job market.

February, 1998,  speech: “Reading for Life:  Reflections on a Lifetime of Reading and Teaching Literature,” Indianapolis Literary Club, Indianapolis, IN.

April, 1996, workshop:  “What Introductory Courses Should Do,” humanities faculty at the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN.

July, 1995, workshop: Victorian intellectual background lecture for teachers of Change and Tradition, a cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary course at Butler University.

February, 1990, speech:  “Liberal Education and Critical Thinking” at faculty-development conference, John Carroll University, Cleveland, OH.

February, 1988, directed two-days of workshops for writing faculty at Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, IN.

October, 1987, workshop/discussion:  “A Teacher Is a Teacher Is a Teacher... or, Is There Anything Distinctive About Liberal Education Pedagogy?" for the Indiana State-Wide Faculty Development Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

April, 1986, speech:  “Metaphors of Learning and Teaching” at a faculty development seminar sponsored by the Learning Resources Center, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

April, 1986, workshop/discussion (with Claude Mathis, Northwestern University):  “Teaching versus Research?  or Teaching and Research?” Lilly Post-Doctoral Teaching Awards Conference, Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA.

February, 1986, convocation speech:  “Liberal Education and Metaphors of Learning,” University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN.

October, 1985, workshop/discussion:  “Literary Conventions, Aesthetic Theory,” annual planning conference, Indiana Committee for the Humanities, Indianapolis, IN.

September, 1985, day-long workshop (with Wayne Booth) on the teaching of writing, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.

February, 1985, consultant:  judged student essay writing contest, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN.

January-February, 1985. consultant:  judged winners of summer fellowship program, Indiana Committee for the Humanities, Indianapolis, IN.

April, 1985, speech:  “The Best Defense Is A Good Offense:  How To Improve Instruction in the Humanities,” Tennessee Regents’ Conference on Higher education, Nashville, TN.”

November, 1984, seminar:  “Morality and Literature,” Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, Indianapolis, IN.

October, 1984, workshop:  “Cultural Literacy,” annual planning conference, Indiana Committee for the Humanities, Indianapolis, IN.

October, 1982, workshop:  "The Place of Literature in the Composition Class," Indiana College English Association, Ball State University, Muncie, IN.

November, 1981, speech: “The Lilly Workshop for the Liberal Arts: An Overview,” in-house conference, Lilly Endowment, Indianapolis, IN.

September, 1981, speech: “Plato, Liberal Education, and Professional Models,” faculty enrichment program, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN.

September, 1981, workshop:  “Teaching Across the Curriculum,” Indiana Teachers of Writing Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

June, 1981, speech:  "The Lilly Year: Retrospect and Prospect," Lilly Fellows' Reunion Conference, Lilly Endowment, Indianapolis, IN.

April, 1981, workshop:  “Utopia:  Imagining the World We Would Like,” Indiana Committee for the Humanities conference for business executives, Nashville, IN.

June, 1980, speech:  “The Myth of Education, Pun Intended,” Lilly Workshop on the Liberal Arts, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO.

January, 1980. speech:  “Ethical Criticism, An Introduction,” Faculty Forum, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN.

December, 1979. speech:  “Liberal Education:  The Development of Personal Awareness and Social Vision,” faculty development seminar, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY.

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